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Top rollers and pressure rollers

All moving components used to guide fibers and yarns in the textile industry are subjected to extreme strains – so you need to rely on quality products from Gellrich+Habiger.

DruckrollerIn the textile industry various guiding elements such as rollers, top rollers and other components are used to guide fibers in a controlled manner. Due to the high speeds at which the components are rotating they are often subjected to high strains. The company Gellrich+Habiger has more than fifty years of experience in the manufacture of high quality textile machine accessories and durable textile machine elements. This is, in addition to the direct communication with our customers from the textile industry, the reason why we know exactly which properties are crucial for rollers and other products.

Perfected over decades – rollers from Gellrich+Habiger.

Our services are directly orientated on the requirements of the textile industry – flexibility and the manufacturing of customized products are our main focus. We not only supply complete rollers such as section top rollers and other rollers for the textile industry , but we also apply rubber coatings and layers and do precision round grinding up to a diameter of 160 mm and lengths of up to 750 mm. The material quality and hardness of the rubber layers can be specified by the customer according to the specific application and use.

Rollers for the textile industry, with an “all-round” reliability.

Gellrich+Habiger supplies a wide range of various roller types for most of the common system lines used in textile industry, including Rieter SB, Zinser, Schlafhorst OE and others. Because of the high precision of our production processes all components are extremely smooth-running, which also has a noticeable beneficial effect on the end product manufactured by you.

The roller specialist for the textile industry – Gellrich+Habiger.

If you are interested in our complete product range of pressure and top rollers, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team available at all times.

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