Precise and enduring – tools from Gellrich+Habiger

Gellrich+Habiger manufacture various components and tools for the textile, foil and tire industries as well as other branches.

Gellrich+Habiger are a family-owned and run company in Bavaria, with a high reputation of fifty years of superior quality and reliability. We manufacture tools and components for the textile industry and the tire industry, but also for other business and industry branches. We take great pride in our competent problem solutions, continuously resulting in new own developments oriented on the requirements of our customers. Our extensive know-how and expertise, a well-established and competent team and our flexibility when meeting customer requirements are our greatest strengths.

Products for the textile industry and perforating tools.

One of our competences lies in the manufacturing of tools and components for the textile industry, such as pin bars, pinned rods and faller strips as well as pressure rollers and top rollers; and another is the production of pinned components, i.e. such with steel needles mounted on them – most of them used for perforating materials such as foils, paper, textiles or rubber, others are used in medical technology and engineering, food production or the packaging industry, including our pinned rollers, pinned wheels and pinned tubes.

Special tools for the tire industry.

Gellrich+Habiger are also very active in the development and production of tools for the tire industry. Here we have, in direct collaboration with leading tire manufacturers developed a wide range of so-called roll-on tools and other special tools for the tire industry. For many years we have been a representative for the Italian FAIP company, which makes us one of the few suppliers of spare parts for FAIP tire mounting machines.

The specialist for customized products and special tools.

In an unbinding consultation meeting we would like to tell you about our products, our company and customized and individual special products, according to your individual specifications. Our entire team is looking forward to meeting you – please send us an email or phone.