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Special tools for the tire industry

When working with tires a number of specialized tools are required. Gellrich+Habiger special tools are designed on the basis of the requirements of practical work and excel in their durability.

Reinheimer specialized toolsFor each of the different actions necessary when working on or with tires there is a specialist tool. Gellrich+Habiger is one of the suppliers of a wide range of special knives designed for working with rubber an. Apart from these rubber knives our product portfolio also includes special knives, such as bead knives, trimming knives, carving knives, edge knives, etching knives, paring knives, de-burring knives and cobbler’s knives. In addition, we also supply scissors, heavy duty industrial scissors, keyhole prickers, clippers and piercing hooks.

Grinding and roughening with special tools from Gellrich+Habiger.

Gellrich+Habiger has developed several tools for grinding and roughened of rubber, designed especially to meet the material specific requirements of the tire industry. The range of roughening tools includes roughening heads, roughening disks and grinding disks. But of course, we also supply manual tools such as roughening scrapers and wire hand brushes.

Professional accessories for the tire industry.

Apart from the wide range of special tools in our portfolio we can also supply numerous useful accessories and other articles to make your work on tires easier. If you are looking for brushes, marker pens for tires, tape measures, tread depth gauges, mounting tools and pump rings for the use on tube-less tires for passenger vehicles and trucks, branding stamps and tread re-cutting tools and tread re-cutting knives, you have come to the right place, because Gellrich+Habiger supplies anything needed for professional work on tires.

High quality special tools for professionals.

Are you looking for items from our complete range of roughening tools such as roughening heads, disks and scrapers, or do require a customized tool designed and manufacture for your specific purposes? Then please do not hesitate to send us and our team an email requesting further information or simply call us. We will answer all your questions in an unbinding consultation.

Stitchers and buffing pins

Special tools for the tire industry

Replacement Parts for FAIP tire changers